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DPB verifies QL tele-film!

Thanks to Tiggedy (Lisa) for finding this. emoticon

Harrisburg, Pa.: "Quantum Leap" was one of the greatest shows of all
times. I
recall when it was cancelled, someone stating that there is always a
that the show could return someday. I know it has been several years, but is
there still some chance of reviving the show and giving it a second chance?

Donald P. Bellisario: I am working with Universal's scifi channel to create a
new Quantum Leap which would have Stockwell as a regular and Scott Bakula
appearing at least in the first episode which would introduce a young female

Let's hope that this "first episode" is the pilot as a tele-film!! emoticon

... Mike. ^_^

"Well, you know what they say: it's never too soon to start early."
~ Sam Beckett, 'Running for Honour', "Quantum Leap" ~
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