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A Conversation with Deboarh Pratt - November 10, 2003

Hey everyone! This is very exciting news! ^___^ Deborah Pratt has been asked to do the voice-over for the QL DVD commercials, and she has pretty much confirmed the new movie! emoticon Here is the link to the interview:

Also, I have pasted below the interview. emoticon


A Conversation with Deborah Pratt -- November 10, 2003

by Sharon Major

In a press release over a year ago, the Sci-Fi Channel expressed interest in developing a two-hour Quantum Leap telefilm, leading into a new QL series. Citing “a new twist,” the announcement gave no assurance “our guys” would even be involved, and it was apparent this was not the Quantum Leap movie we have been yearning for all these years.

           Recently posted a new entry—Quantum Leap: A Bold Leap Forward (2004) (TV) with the following plot summary: “Twenty years after the original series left Dr. Sam Beckett ‘leaping’ into the great unknown, Sam is finally reunited with Al, his old mentor and ‘partner in time.’ But when circumstances beyond their control send Sam away once more, Al must recruit his lost friend’s daughter to pick up where her father left off and hopefully help find Sam again in the process.” Trey Callaway is listed as writer and executive producer.

           At the end of October, I telephoned Deborah Pratt and received this brief e-mail reply: “I’m in the final chapters of ‘The Vision Quest,’ the novel I spoke to you about two years ago, and setting meetings with film producers for ‘The Quantum Leap’ theatrical. Universal called to tell me they are releasing the DVD’s for the first season and asked if I would have Ziggy do the intro. Let the troops know things are in the works.” Of course, everyone (including me) wanted to know the specifics, so on November 10, I made another call…


Sharon: Your brief e-mail left me with more questions than answers. Is “The Vision Quest” novel going to be up on the website (as discussed in detail at 2001 Orlando Leap)?

Deborah: We talked about doing it a lot of different ways and right now we’re looking to publish it. I have a meeting in two weeks about exactly how it will come out. There will be two versions—one will be a graphic novel with great artwork, but that’s probably a year away. I’m hoping the (actual) novel will be out in the next six months.

Sharon: Do you want paperback or hardcover?

Deborah: That hasn’t been determined yet. I want it accessible. Writing novels is a brand new world for me, so I need to find out what the difference is between the two—what the cost is to the public. My feeling is that I want to release it to the Quantum Leapers a month before it goes out to anybody else—an exclusive release just to the Leapers.

Sharon: I’m eager to read anything that you write.

Deborah: Thank you. Matter of fact, the people who are interested in helping us put it together and put it out, just called me today. She went, “Wow! I love this. What happens next?” <chuckling> I didn’t give her the whole thing until I knew she was on board.

Sharon: Yes, of course! You mentioned that you were asked to have Ziggy do the intro on the DVD. Do you mean redoing the Saga Cell?

Deborah: The saga cell, but also promos. “Now on DVD—the first season of Quantum Leap.”

Sharon: Are there going to be any goodies?

Deborah: I know they called Scott. I can find out some of the skinny and let you know.

Sharon: I know for later seasons they had bloopers and “behind-the-scenes” that were shown at the cons which could be included on the DVD’s. I want it all!

Deborah: Put a list together of what the fans think should be included and let me know.

Sharon: Great! I don’t want to jinx anything by asking about the QL movie, but I do want to ask about that anonymous posting at for a QL TV movie.

Deborah: I thought that was very interesting. I believe that was by Trey Callaway. It’s my understanding that he is doing the TV series. I don’t know if they will even be using my concept of Sammy Jo for the TV series.

Sharon: As always, thank you so much for your time. Maybe you could give us a longer interview next spring when “The Vision Quest” is ready to come out.

Deborah: Yes, that would be perfect. Don’t forget to e-mail me with those suggestions!


This is very exciting news. ^___^ I'll definitely be e-mailing my suggestions!

... Mike. ^________^

"Well, you know what they say: it's never too soon to start early."
~ Sam Beckett, 'Running for Honour', QL ~
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